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Hello, Traveler!

I'm a weird person who likes to have a project to work on.
I also draw.
This page is a result of me always wanting a website made from scratch, a lot of polishing, trials and errors and spending hours on it then realizing it's getting bright outside.

I'm going to share some of my art here, but don't worry, it's not going to take over this page completely.
You will also find some links, incoherent ramblings and music.

> check out navigation up there or site map below for contents
> meet your guides for this page
> maybe there will be an about page for longer than a few hours one day

Enjoy your stay!


> Just learned that high resolutions rendered the font so small i remembered i need glasses. I hopefully fixed that.
> Redoing section with pictures: gonna rename it to visual, sort it nicely and add some more stuff (lol)
> Playlists are back, and i made a banner. I love it honestly.
> Removed unnecessary headers, updated titles, unlinked an unneeded subpage, compressed font a bit. It should visually feel less clunky now.
> Journal is moved to separate page. Also there is a sitemap now.
> I figured out (checked) how to automatically scale images! The website is (hopefully) no longer broken, if it was for your resolution.
> Added buttons for your lovely sites and made mine.
> After a tough battle with my messy css file and my slow thinking, I managed to set the borders the way I wanted. Yay!

to do:

> would a chatbox/guestbook be useful here?
> maybe a new template sometime in the future
> make simple portraits for dudes' page


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├── visual/
│ ├── main/
│ │ ├── weird
│ │ ├── animated
│ │ └── scrapbook
│ ├── linux
│ └── photos
├── thoughts
├── music/
└── contact (empty)

Thanks for visiting!