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Hello, Traveler!

I'm a weird person who questions their existence at this point.
I also draw.
This page is a result of me always wanting a normal website made from scratch, a lot of polishing, trials and errors and spending hours on it then realizing it's getting bright outside.

I'm going to share some of my art here, but don't worry, it's not going to take over this page.
You will also find some links, incoherent ramblings and music.

Enjoy your stay!

this is Ian
he's gonna be your guide here.


> New layout in pics, also removed some poor sketches. For now.
> Moved buttons to links.
> The worst works in pics are now hidden for your convenience.
> Added buttons for your lovely sites and made mine.
> Added a scrapbook.
> After a tough battle with my messy css file and my slow thinking, I managed to set the borders the way I wanted. Yay!

to do:

> make simple portraits for dudes' page
> make something to hide graphic portraits
> write a normal introduction above
> make a button lol
> add buttons below for nice sites
> maybe set brighter nicer colors for this page
> make something to replace current background, move current bg to pics section


> 26/03/23 Whoa, 5.000 views, thanks!
> 25/03/23 Ignore the previous entry. Even though I probably got the new job, everything feels simply wrong.
> 19/03/23 I have a sudden urge to improve my life.
> 15/03/23 One job interview done. Man, I cannot form sentences whem I'm stressed. I think I don't have any chances. Another one tomorrow. I also have about 4 hours of sleep before night shift.
> 12/03/23 I have 2 job interviews this week. I will probably fail anyway. I love my current job, but I also want some financial stability and live alone.
> 12/03/23 I will either ditch this idea or move it to separate page.

Thanks for visiting!