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My main drawing person.
Inspired by Star Trek, this man is, as you can see by the eyes, a Betazoid. His name is Ian Londer.
To be exact, he was inspired by ST:Voyager "Meld" episode. Not by the killer Lon, but by Tuvok desperate to understand the killer. He somehow appeared. I tried to make him more futuristic (cybernetic eye) but he's just a normal blonde dude with a pony. This portrait was inspired (ripped) from this photo of Till Lindemann.
Inspired by a portrait inspired by an album.
His name is Joseph.
I wanted to "edit" the previous portrait so it would be a different person, more likeable perhaps. The result was, in my opinion, amazing yet simple. I soon made some projects for t-shirts with him, which I proudly wear.
Jewelry is so overrated!
I made this in January but didn't take a photo until someday in March.

Gary Numan "Sacrifice" album cover
This one is more heavily edited because I could not get any clear enough photo, it would reflect any light possible. It's still accurate though. It's a remade version of Joseph's first portrait.
One of the best I think.
For my first custom t-shirt
I swear it looks better on cloth lol.
Also, he was supposed to look comatosed or unconscious, instead he looks high...

Second custom t-shirt, Joseph smiling kindly and sweetly :)
A bit awkward portrait of Ian, from this Gary Numan's photo.
These things are unforgiving, one little mistake and the whole thing is trashed...
Ian dancing.
I'm currently trying to make an animation of him dancing too.

First done on paper, then fixed digitally.
Why the collar, you may ask?
Because I thought it would be ridiculous.
Oil paint on cardboard
Robocop, as you can see.
This painting was given to someone, but not made as a request, rather given away.
I got a lovely skin in GW2 and I like it! :D

Old background of this site
Casual murderbot Joseph
Oh man, i was so happy for those markers :')
This looks 90% as what i imagined and wanted it to be, which is a lot, and i really like it, despite the colors (especially his skin!) being a bit too intense. And he looks so happy!
Shirtless Joseph with a bit more detailed attempt at capturing how he looks like without shirt on.
It's something that "yeah i know he's got that" but not visualizing something on daily basis makes it blurry and difficult to pinpoint. Next i have to either draw this better, or just straight up draw his back.
I can see that i messed up some tilts/proportions, but i still think this one is really cool. The ribs are nice, there is "more of them" than what i would usually try (if ever), and for the purpose of it being an artistic illustration it's nice, although he would "realistically" have just the outer ones. I might really draw that sometime in the future.
I suppose a little warm up after not drawing for a while. Never knew how to properly draw smile, but i like this one. Looks kinda sweet ^^
I set up such a nice armor for my Holosmith Ian in gw2 i really wanted to draw him :D
And to be honest, i like this one. Not too much shading, therefore not giving me too much opportunity to mess it up, and some simple comic shading. And dramatic pose.
Made a long time ago actually. Such a gentle portrait.
A bit spooky, but i don't think its unsettling enough to move it to separate section. Based on some irrelevant stories made up while falling asleep. Actually i thought about writing this down, but that would take time to get through all the cringe.
I honestly could fix the eyes tho.

I will most likely be updating this section.