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> Utilities
Invidious - a nice proxy for yt
Riseup Share, Catbox - file hosting
Riseup.net - private email and VPN
Steganograph - hide text in plain sight
DeepL Translator - independent online translator
Sci-hub - access to information is a human right

> Based content
SomeOrdinaryGamers - wholesome Indian tech support
MentalOutlaw - tech and commentaries
Luke Smith - we all know him
Michael Reeves - useless funny robots
danooct1 - old computer viruses in action
Wendigoon - paranormal, conspiracy, commentaries

> Software
Artix Linux - Arch Linux but without systemd
Parrot OS - better then Kali imho
Themix/Oomox - generate your own GTK theme
(AUR) GIMP-GAP - GIMP plugin that lets you render animations into video
Awesome Pentest - collection of resources for pentesters
Oldschool fonts - pretty self explanatory
Librewolf - Firefox fork, designed for extra privacy

> Art resources
Paletton - generate palettes
Color blender - pretty self explanatory
Piskel app - online sprite editor
Zygotebody - online anatomy visualizer
Pexels - textures and such

> Fun stuff
Dead Rabbit Radio Podcast - paranormal and funny stuff
Hovercat ...and other stuff
Windows 93 - totally accurate
Brettygood - brettygood
Openpsychometrics - a lot of personality tests

> Others
Music Map - for discovering new bands
Digital Blasphemy - huge collection of wallpapers
Based cooking - Luke Smith's website for recipies
Fake name generator - generate fake name
SAM - that creepy generated voice
??? - my head hurts
RDOS aspie test - check for the tism (click aspie quiz)
Paranoid guide to cybersecurity
Library of Babel - it contains everything, probably

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