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The subpage nobody needs but I'm putting it up anyways (just like this entire dumb page of mine)
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While making new background I thought each of them looked funny in their own way. These captions don't even match them, they just fit their expressions.
Background of background
Super easy way of making slightly decent nebulas in GIMP. I'm sure you can perfect it if you actually put some effort, unlike me:
- render Plasma noise with hight turbulence, keep changing turbulence and seed until you get a pattern you like
- decide which colors you want to keep
- select these colors, invert, delete the rest
- copy layer, move below, gaussian blur 1.5
- repeat above but set gb to ~15
- if you have too many colors and want them the same, just use Colors > Hue-Saturation and adjust selected hues
- oil brush for some rough filling underneath
- standard round brush, size 1-2, spacing 5000 for little stars
- oil brush ~100px size, pressure opacity (or decrease brush opacity), bright color for glow on top of clouds
- same but dark if you want to separate some clouds slightly
- MyPaint spray brush for some other stars/splatters: size ~3.5, opacity almost to max, hardness to minimum. Or just one of bristle brushes with presets for little stars above.
I tried making it look decent, but I failed I guess. There was supposed to be some text in the background, but I couldn't come up with anything while making it.

Ian dancing wtf???
Very quick and un-professional dancing Ian with my beloved rim light. Which I do not exactly know how to draw but I try anyway.
I moved it here.
I really like the cover of VAC's Calling Ov The Dead, and I wanted a wallpaper similiar to it. It's so similiar, I'm a bit ashamed of it (a lot)
Joseph, a few hours before becoming a cyborg.
I might not finish this lol

just a messy sketch
Got stuck with this one

Since I drew him messed up, I felt obligated to "fix" this. I even managed to draw him smiling, which is a huge accomplishment for me - they are always so serious in my drawings!

Stages of having an idea:
1: making the worst possible sketch
2: accepting that you are not capadle of the simplest task
3: remembering what was supposed to be referenced
4: tryharding as any experienced veteran pvp master that oneshots you before you notice
5: making 100 adjustments
6: thinking "nice"
This one is stage 6. Now onto finishing that!
I bough some alcohol markers, first piece was ok, this was supposed to be the second, however i this is also when i learned not to buy cheap markers the painful way, this portrait had to be trashed...
This quick photo with way too warm desk lamp light is unfortunately the only thing remaining of one of the coolest linearts i ever made.
Quite an old unfinished piece, Joseph more close to what i intended to draw for my tshirt. Maybe i should finish o remake it one day.

I will most likely be updating this section too.