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Who's Ian? And Joseph?
<< I'm not reading all that

Ian Londer was partially inspired by ST:Voyager "Meld" episode. If you read a bit and compare him to the main antagonist, this looks very bad - both are Betazoids, names are similiar. However, he's not "inspired" by Lon, but Tuvok. So, he's not malicious and insane. Watching this episode I kind of vibed with Tuvok trying to understand Lon and solve this whole mystery of "why". That was not the very beginning of this man.
Someone took up on a hobby of absolutely infuriating me by staring. Now don't get me wrong, I understand catching eye contact when it's appropriate, like when wanting to greet someone, having a conversation, or simply that quick look of people who find the situation around them funny or embarrasing. That's cool.
Observing someone at every possible occasion is not cool.
This used to go on for a while, I think over a year. Understandably, I had a lot of questions and thoughts about that, like, dude, why?
And I guess, while I was thinking "damn, that episode was nice" I just caught a glimpse of a blonde dude. Not like a hallucination, something like an idea, but not your own. I mentioned the previous situation because, unfortunately and a bit distressingly, the dude stared as well.
"Oh for fcks sake nooo" I thought.
But I was also intrigued. "Maybe it's time to write Star Trek fanfic?" (NO, IT'S NOT). The dude was a bit pale, black eyed, with blonde ponytail with that specific haircut, as you saw. Obviously he somewhat resembled Lon, with that black-yellow engineering uniform and black eyes. Yet despite these negative resemblances from the beginning he seemed to not be hostile. As in, of course he wouldnt be intrusive or anything. You just sometimes are able to tell whether it's safe to stick around somebody or just run.
I tried to hijack him a bit, maybe turn him into a comic/story/whatever protagonist. By "hijacking" I mean changing him a bit: specifically I meant him to have one eye cybernetic, with a scar resembling that of Borderlands: The Pre Sequel Wilhelm's. It didn't work out, as he kept his original looks.
Now, I have to shamefully admit that I am that type of person who HAS to create stories and false scenaries in my head before I fall asleep. You probably already know where this is going (No, not that way). After some purely imagined situations I started viewing Ian as a companion. I should probably mention that I didn't name him. I just, idk, knew. I didn't even like that name too much.
When it comes to his character, well, he's kind. One of my friends, upon seeing his portrait, said he looks like "a fierce, dangerous warrior", and I'm pretty sure it's because of that stare. Despite it, he actually is a cinnamon roll. I don't really know what else to say here. He's nice. Make of that what you want.

he smokes a lot
apparently believes that vampires exist
talented engineer
almost died suffocated in smoke
claims he saw himself being resuscicated


Joseph did not appear like Ian did.
First, there was a portrait, very graphic. It's strongly inspired by Velvet Acid Christ Calling Ov The Dead album and two last songs of Between The Eyes 1, referencig the author's unfinished comic about a cyborg, a man killed then brought back to life using technology. Pretty horrifying concept, especially assuming that cyborg would be conscious and remembering what happened to him, knowing what abomination he's become. This portrait depicts someone in exactly that scenario. This portrait is the ultimate "fuck you" towards that person. I honestly love that portrait, but since this person is easily recognizable, I couldn't really doodle this cyborg at work. So I had to change him a bit. And so, during one perfect shift, while something broke and we waited for mechanics to fix it, I doodled someone else. He still had all the wires, wounds and other elements like the first one, even the clothing, but he was clearly different. He was perfect.
His origin is predictable, waaay too comparable to the VAC cyborg's one. Killed, abducted, and transformed. Meant to be a tool/puppet, this particular part responsible for controlling him malfunctioned, so as soon as he woke up in his new body, he "repayed the favor" to his "creator" and escaped. Wandered around for a few months. Found damaged and malfunctioning by Ian, brought home, repaired in the garage, allowed to rest. He claimed he doesn't have a name anymore, so he was told to pick between Gary and Joseph (I thought he "looked like Gary"). As you know, he picked Joseph.
As of why "he wouldn't have a name anymore", well, since he was technically dead, he didn't identify as his past self anymore. He doesn't say anything about his past self either.
You might notice that in some portraits he's more wounded, like the first cyborg, in some not anymore. Ian was so kind to properly stitch the wounds and even cover the skinned neck with synthetic coverage. You know, he still deserves to be in one piece. How does he actually stay in one piece and doesn't rot? Through embalming chemicals and ~technology~
He compares himself to an adopted stray dog, an accidental passenger. We think he's a friend, or at this point, a family member, not a passenger.
Joseph is a bit different than Ian, maybe kind to two people he trusts, but otherwise cold and cruel, definitely not a nice person. This is either entirely caused by what he's been through, or partially just his character.

he's got metal bones, except for facial skull
so despite being skinny, he's rather heavy
likes cooking, even though he cannot eat
very hygienic for, well, a corpse

call me insane all you want, i would honestly agree at this point