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I once decided to resurrect an old laptop with Parabola Linux. With i3wm, polybar, slightly edited wallpaper found online and i3wm workspace names daemon. That one is really cool, i use it with my i3 setup.

Even though my main wm is i3, i recently decided to give OpenBox a try. And man, i love it! I remember how years ago i got discouraged because i broke the menu lol. And that's a nice script nicely fitting OpenBox.

betterTray hides your system tray in polybar
Compton by tryone144 for the blur
Themix for custom gtk theme
Pywal to generate palettes from wallpapers
Polywins as a window switcher for polybar/openbox
i3wm workspace names daemon for i3wm windows indicator

i'm happy with my setups and i won't be updating this