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> ghost
A short story (or rather an intro) about a guy who died, and with helpful suggestion of only one person who sees him, embarks on a journey to fix all the wrong he did while alive.
I'm sure someone with a talent for writing would make something nice of it, unfortunately I don't know how to.

> burial
About metaphorical cutting ties with someone. Would not recommend if death and psychological distress bothers you.

The best stories are those dreamt, it's always a wild surprise what one's asleep mind can come up with.
I will share some of these here too.

Please note that they might be a bit disturbing.

> 14.01.21.
At the beginning there were 3 of us - me, Ian and someone whom I don't remember, we were escaping from something. We had to take a lift to the top of the building where we would be safe, the third person took a separate lift and we never saw him again. The building looked like a hotel. Unfortunately, as the two of us made an improvised fortress up there, we for some reason knew we were not safe anyway. I still don't know what the danger was, but we knew that if it got us, it would be worse than dying itself. So, we smashed some glass. The last thing I remember was seeing Ian holding a huge piece of glass to his hand, waiting for me. Then I woke up.

> 04.07.21.
Someone asked me whether I would "be there" tomorrow. I replied "yes". Indeed, we walked past each other that day. The person looked quite surprised.
I was surprised at that surprisement too.

> 04.09.21.
A dude stalked me through my entire dream. At first I tried to hide in a desolate building, but the women inside told me I wasn't safe. I noticed him at the entrance, in disguise, so I left and headed for a park/garden. It was almost sunrise, the trees there were black with bright, pinky-orange flowers. I walked across the park to take a peek and see whether he's still there. He was, so I pretended I headed for the tree, picked some flowers and handed them to him.

> 31.12.21
I was Ian.
He was killed by something, and everything just went black. I later, as myself, saw two guys inspecting his dead mutilated body.
I'm mentioning this, since Ian was once resuscicated, therefore "has been there". I died multiple times in my dreams, and never got cut off like that. I would always either survive or at least remain conscious.

> 18.01.22.
I was hallucinating or seeing reality in a different way, glitching, darkened, with a lot of weird hostile entities wandering around. My devices would glitch and display threatening texts and images. I was pretty distressed. I woke up (not really), went to make some coffe, in the kitchen someone asked why I looked so bad. "A nightmare". Then I really woke up.
I hate that fake getting up...

> 22.03.22.
I was wandering around a building with empty rooms. I somehow realized these symbolized future, so I decided to leave, but someone went after me. I saw a man in the white light (imagine a hangar) who started chasing me. He was benevolent and trying to stop me, and I was heading up the stairs to the very top of the building. The man struggled to reach me, and I jumped. To my dismay, I survived, stood up and headed back for the stairs. Over and over again. He was chasing me the entire time.

> 18.08.22.
Me and Ian were exploring a seemingly abandoned area, a desert but filled with flowers. At some point Ian was kidnapped, killed and resurrected. Turns out there was a group of people who would snatch recently deceased in a perfect state and resurrect them. Thing is, these people would often not even know they were dead, and could be "switched" either "off", or into a super hostile mode, without any memory of it. They were used as weapons. More populated areas had alarm systems to warn about presence of these undead.
Something like Awakened from GW2, but these were indistinguishable from alive people, unlike Awakened.

> 10.09.22.
An alternate universe, in which people in love would not engage or sleep together, nah.
They would choose a desolate place, and one of them would brutally assault another, but not kill them. The purpose of this was to bring that person home and lovingly care for them until they recovered.

> 30.12.22
a bit creepy
A short fragment of a long one, I was in a gathering of some sort, when, well, a head and a torso fell down apparently from the sky. Yes, separately. Bleeding, but black. People started screaming. Someone started resuscitating these parts, first compressions on torso, then inhalations on the head (well, its mouth). Some started yelling for them to stop, that they are so dumb but then... both parts were revived. Torso was visibly breathing on it's own, and head too.

> 14.02.23
Have you ever wondered how "cute" spiders would be if they had cat whiskers? I know, they would be super cute. I had one as a pet, even though I was a bit scared to pet it, and especially touch these whiskers, it was cute.

> 15.02.23
I had dreams in this dream, and in these "dreams" something was hurting and assaulting me, so when I "woke up" I was always beaten, hurt and bleeding. Everyone was mad at me about this. People were harassing me to "admit" I was faking it.